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Bereavement- Sharing Grief Stories

The Circle provides a safe sharing space of confidentiality while participants empathize with other's vulnerabilities. Processing grief through mourning is unique to each and every person...every one is an expert of their own particular grief journey. We all need not be afraid to ask for help. It’s ok to ask for help and not to be alone in your grief process. Outward expression of of one's grief is mourning and there is a sense of relief in healing when one has the courage to express themselves and share their vulnerable feelings with others without feeling like a burden. The Bereavement Circle offers a safe space to share in a cry-free zone where confidentiality is agreed upon and practiced by all circle participants.

Bereavement circle work is very important -especially now- with Pandemic Grief now on the forefront of our lives. Presently...everyone is being affected. This is a global grief situation and we must attempt to share our Pandemic stories openly, safely and freely with those who are willing to suspend judgement and learn from others' grief stories.

When working with bereavement, there are core circle practices that brings forth joy to the circle: Gratitude and appreciation circle rounds have a significant part of the circle conversation to restore strength in the gifts that our loved ones have shared with us in our lifetime. Thinking about the tiniest things that bring us joy helps us along the way especially when overwhelmed by the grieving process.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Grief is like a roller coaster with very high peaks and very lo lows and every feeling in-between is acknowledged in the circle. To express these emotions with others may be frighteningly vulnerable, yet essential for our healing.

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