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'The Wild Wisdom of Weeds' by Katrina Blair

One of my 2020 harvest goals is to dry and store an extra year's worth of medicinal 'weeds' grown outside my door:. Nettle, horsetail, mullein, lambsquarters and mallow are now on the shelf...

An amazing reference for learning about edible/medicinal weeds in your own back yard, check out the following reference :

Katrina Blairs book- The Wild Wisdom of Weeds- offers essential information about 13 Essential Plants for Human Survival. By: Katrina Blair. Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

"The thirteen plants found growing in every region across the world are: dandelion, mallow, purslane, plantain, thistle, amaranth, dock, mustard, grass, chickweed, clover, lambsquarter, and knotweed.  These special plants contribute to the regeneration of the earth while supporting the survival of our human species; they grow everywhere where human civilization exists, from the hottest deserts to the Arctic Circle, following the path of human disturbance. Indeed, the more humans disturb the earth and put our food supply at risk, the more these thirteen plants proliferate. It’s a survival plan for the ages."

Active Ingredients and Substances: Lamb’s quarters is rich in the minerals iron, phosphorus, and calcium. It also contains beta carotene and vitamins B1 and C.  The seeds are very nutritious and contain in addition to fat, about 49% of carbohydrates and 16% of protein.

More photos below of Laurie, Louis and Leif's 2020 Harvest...

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