As a grief companion and restorative communication facilitator, Laurie Lynn Clark

is committed to sharing a confidentially safe and vulnerable circle space where each individual is an expert in mourning their own unique grief process. 

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Grief  Circle Sessions 

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Bereavement Facilitation Training


LEVEL 1 Palliative Care/ Hospice Volunteer Training-  Lanark County Home Support

South East LHIN: 

• Effectively communicate the role in providing a hospice palliative care approach to caregiving

• Be self-aware when providing hospice palliative care 

• Understand the impacts of loss and grief at end of life 

• Be able to identify symptoms and how to employ strategies to manage those symptoms 

• Understand and apply comfort measures at end of life 

• Understand ethical challenges at end of life and how to address them 

• Understand communication and other practical challenges at end of life and how to address them. 

Bereavement Families of Ontario (BFO), Halton and Peel:

Bereavement Circle Facilitation Training. Volunteer health professionals support facilitators and advise affiliates on their programs. Each year, on behalf of Bereaved Families of Ontario over 1,000 volunteers contribute to helping the healing begin. We provide our support and services at no cost to participants. Our affiliates provide a safe, non-judgmental environment in which you can discuss your experiences and learn about grief with others who have been there.

Bereavement Companionship and Facilitation Training

Basic Bereavement Training (67 hours) with Maria Kliavkoff, founding Executive Director of the Hospice Society of the Columbia Valley (

This course teaches how to be a companion without being an expert. It is about being present to the person who is grieving and trusting their process. While it is easy to say, it is not always easy to be present to another person’s pain without feeling you need to fix it. This course is essential for anyone who wants to learn how to companion those who are grieving.

Companioning Complicated and Traumatic Grief

Complicated grief has long been mis-understood and mis-diagnosed. When we understand that our job is not to diagnose or prescribe, but rather to listen and be present, we begin to discover the many layers as they unfold. This course looks at what can trigger complicated and/or traumatic grief, what defines complicated/traumatic grief, how do we companion complicated/traumatic grief, and how to recognize the signs that you need to refer someone to a specialist, if that is what is needed.

Facilitator Training:  Group facilitation this is a key course to learn listening skills, loop of awareness, managing group dynamics and personality types within a group. This course can be customized for those interested in learning how to lead bereavement support group. 


For more information on the 'Companioning Approach' you may connect with my personal teacher/mentor:

Maria Kliavkoff  ( inspired by educator, author and grief counsellor Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D of

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