Outdoor Circle Garden Classrooms on Elementary School Playground.

Exercising eye contact, restorative conversation and empathy.


Cardinal Direction Mandala Garden of Edible Perennials to diversify the school playground

The Circle forms a container that can safely “hold” conflicting viewpoints and diverse perspectives safely.

Circles create a quality of engagement with one another that is respectful, non-judgmental, and appreciative which supports a trusting environment where creativity, insight and growth in the collective group wisdom flourishes.


Photos Below

Early Childhood Education Students (Algonquin College) Naturalizing the Elementary School Playground: 

Planting the Circle Classroomon with common and native perennials. 


Planting an outdoor classroom at Drummond Central School. Diversify the playground with Edible Perennial Gardens
Cardinal Direction Mandala Garden Classroom at Drummond Central Elementary School

Forest and Fireside Circles in Lanark Highlands