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Debrief PA DAY January 31st 2020 / 4 to 7 year olds

We began the day exercising our core routine- a Morning Gratitude Circle around the fire- while enjoying sub-zero temps. We then set off down the trail on an expedition knee deep in snow... the children were mindful when giving thanks for the Eastern White Pine's (Pinus strobus) medicine before harvesting its pine needles to place on simmer on the wood stove for a preparation of a Vitamin C Tea.

After our foraging task, a morning wander down the trail seeking, finding animal trails and habitat signs of fox, coyote, rabbit and squirrel followed by the children exercising their favourite tree climbing activity in the cedar grove. A mindful morning exercise of sitting silently in trees, quietly listening for wintering bird calls created opportunity for a shared connection to nature's playscape. A healthy trail snack, the ever so popular date-ball delight, is a favourite for all the little people to enjoy.

We headed indoors for lunch and vitamin C tea time with a musical interlude of native flute and song (Land of the Silver Birch) engaged the children while mitts and socks dried by the fire. The clay modelling activity inspired creative hands-on sculptures and hand-pinched clay bowls.

Apres Lunch- An adventurous afternoon ski and snowshoe were on the agenda alongside tobogganing and snow fort building...Oh and our friendly neighbourhood snowman joined in on the festivities!

Enjoy the photo gallery of the day festivities... we had so much fun!!

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