Upper Canada District School Board partners with Lanark County Elementary Schools and LCCJ in creati

Lanark County Community Justice's BE STRONG Program partners

with UCDSB's Rural Elementary School's Outdoor Classroom Design process.

Knowledge Sharing Circle as a Restorative Practice in the Classroom to share ideas in a safe and inclusive environement. Maple Grove elementary students, teachers, administration and Lanark County Community Justice Circle Facilitators share garden design ideas while passing the talking piece and respecting the circle guidelines (speak only when you have the talking piece, suspend judgement, listen attentively and with eye contact)

A Restorative Circle Garden as an Outdoor Classroom

on Maple Grove Elementary School Playground

Garden Classrooms and Restorative Practices on the Elementary School Playground

"The Garden is a master teacher of responsibility and decision making. In taking responsibility for a living, growing ecosystem that will endure past one class, students begin to co-create their (outdoor) classroom. In this way, garden-based learning goes beyond general experiential learning as it takes place in a very intentional, ever-changing environment." (Reference: Canadian Organic Growers. Growing Up Organic Toolkit, guo-ottawa@cog.ca)

The restorative relationship between Lanark's Maple Grove Elementary School, UCDSB and ( LCCJ) Lanark County Community Justice's 'BE STRONG' program (Building, Encouraging and Supporting Trusting Relationships on Neutral Ground) is a partnership in a collaborative Restorative Circle Garden project. This project gathers teachers, students (k-6), administration and LCCJ Circle Facilitators in a full day of passing the talking piece in the Knowledge Sharing Circle to share Restorative Circle Garden design ideas.

With attention to inclusivity, the Knowledge Sharing Circle is a restorative practice and pedagogical approach that supports a safe environment to exchange curr