A Typical Pre-school Day Program

Waldorf Inspired Forest Preschool Program March Break 2018.

Monday March 12th and Tuesday March 13th

Day One

We began the day with challenging our fire building knowledge and discussed what it means to respect fire and fire safety. We explored different textures in fine and course kindling: cattail fluff, dried grasses, birch bark, dried twigs.. then worked with a flint and steel to ignite. Throughout this activity, i asked them to consider what elements are involved: Air (wind), earth, water (snow), fire. An introduction to the 4 cardinal directions: north, south, east, west (spatial orientation) and the morning trek lead us through the wetlands with compass in hand to collect more tinder- a preparatory task for the following morning fire building activity. I demonstrated how to use the compass to find the northerly direction and reintroduced the 4 cardinal directions once again in the wetlands to re-discover our orientation from a different space. When gathering cattail tinder, the children discovered how they made an excellent drawing and printing tool in the snow. We also walked by our neighbourhood beaver lodge and questioned what environmental friendly materials they used to build this home.

We were on our way to play camouflage in the cattails when the children found an animal trail (deer) to follow so I accompanied with a trail song which offered each child the opportunity to lead.

We returned to the in-house cookstove to warm our toes and enjoy a snack while modelling beeswax melted to a mold-able temperature. I observed small hands expressing themselves with vigour...

After snack it was all about the 'circle'...I read 'The Grand Old Tree' in a sharing circle activity with a focus on the 'Circle'. I set-up nature items in the middle of the circle that resembled circles: an egg, a nest, a piece of circular birch bark, an anise flower, a basket, a fungi. Many of the items found in the circle were also found in the storybook.

The children enjoyed a musical interlude with recorders, drums, glockenspiels and ukelele as i introduced how to use the instruments carefully. While I played african drum, the children created a beautiful butterfly scarf dance.

We headed back outdoors to demonstrate the 'fox walk' and then seek and find find some rabbit trails. We also collected birch bark for tinder. We then ventured to the barn and looked for chicken eggs...and to visit the Muscovy ducks.

During lunch I brought out my illustrations, flute, drum, feathers and told an oral indigenous legend; 'Little Badger, the Fire-keeper' with a theme about respect for fire and community. After lunch we participated in the Easter Cards wet-on-wet water colour painting activity. The children then initiated more butterfly dances and recorder music on their own initiative. I demonstrated 'Hot Cross Buns' on the recorder to offer guidance. We closed our day with an appreciation closing circle where i introduced the talking stick and circle guideline- the person holding the talking stick is the only one talking and everyone else listens. The talking stick was passed around the circle and children answered the question about their favourite part of their day...answers like building the fire, rolling down the hill, the sharing circle, painting were expressed...<